There can be little superior from the their face or body whatsoever, according to Bella Swan

There can be little superior from the their face or body whatsoever, according to Bella Swan


James was described as being 5’10” extreme, that have the typical generate and you can mediocre-searching because of their naturally ugly facial keeps, hence generated his looks quicker gorgeous than extremely vampires. He previously white brown hair cropped small, and burgundy attention one dim in order to black into increase of their thirst. Their dress composed of bluish pants and a pale-blue top, each other frayed with don He and additionally moved barefoot to let him to operate quicker.

From the film, his appearance are altered. Their a lot of time blond tresses are tied at the rear of his shoulder like good ponytail, and then he merely dressed in a set of ebony trousers and a good black leather jacket that he took out-of Waylon Create as he killed your. Like the books, the guy traveled barefoot; the guy dressed in a tiny chandelier to their shoulder and had a beneficial tattoo left edge of his tummy.

Identity and characteristics

James is actually a good wise, vicious, and you will high pressure tracker just who hunted humans for sustenance, however, mainly for the glee regarding search. He together with hunted vampires of the underworld and you may animals for the same reason; he’d eliminate a beneficial coven associate if it designed provoking the latest remnants so you can pursue him, that was more pleasurable and you will hazardous to his views. He had been always open to harmful pressures as long as he could have their enjoyable.

The guy have a tendency to tormented their victims before killing her or him, since as he tortured Bella during his hit a brick wall you will need to kill her. James didn’t come with fancy getting people lifestyle and you can noticed them little more lively restaurants. The guy preferred browse much which he manage damage whoever reached his victim ahead of the guy did. In addition to, he would never ever prevent google search up to he had his sufferer.

James has also been known to have maybe not demonstrating much leadership, including when their coven decided to go to meet with the Cullens, the guy stood back and let Laurent do all brand new talking, leading of numerous to believe you to Laurent try the coven commander.

Throughout the Twilight movie, James seemed to enjoy collecting ornaments out-of their victims, plainly Waylon Forge’s jacket. It has also become asserted that he previously anything, including protection badges, matrimony rings, marshal pins, etc.

During the an erased world of the obtained the fresh smell from an excellent werewolf laughs, Victoria asserted that James disliked vehicles (most likely as they you will cover up someone’s smell), hence she would deal you to definitely sometimes while playing online game which have him. The guy and additionally liked the newest cries of an individual just before eliminating her or him.

Energies and you will results

James is actually labeled as a very strong vampire, and hard so you can kill. Regarding the Twilight motion picture, the guy with ease held his own facing Edward from inside the treat, however, try soon overpowered of the second.

Recording experience

James encountered the even more function of record, and this desired your to help you sense beforehand exactly what their prey’s moves perform probably feel after which track her or him down. Considering Laurent, his senses was in fact unequaled and much a lot better than that from normal vampires. It greeting your so you can search their sufferer away from a lengthier range. He once acquired the brand new smell out-of a werewolf lacking the knowledge of what it are, and you may hunted the new animal all over Siberia. He might pick-up a perfume, hold off a while before he started following they.

He could also sniff out an incredibly old and you can weak smell, and go back to an equivalent lay immediately following seven days otherwise day and begin bing search.

His experience is actually skilled of the their father while very young, of course, if his moms and dads passed away, he had been already skilled sufficient to appear, tune and pitfall, enabling him to thrive on his own.

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