One of the main plot information of family may be the find it hard to look for love

One of the main plot information of family may be the find it hard to look for love

Barry Farber

Barry Farber was involved to Rachel in 1994, but Rachel leaves him on altar when she understands she doesn’t like your after finding by herself more activated by a gravy watercraft. Barry and Rachel briefly reconcile towards the end of period one following previous declares their involvement to Mindy Hunter. Barry and Rachel split up again when Barry decides to marry Mindy. Barry marries Mindy from inside the season two finale, “usually the one With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding”, in which Rachel makes an appearance among Mindy’s bridal party. Barry and Mindy see divorced in season six whenever Barry cheats on Mindy once again.


Paolo dated Rachel for a while during season one. a dark, Italian guy who couldn’t talk English well. Rachel’s partnership with Paolo had been created simply on sex. Rachel means the girl union with Paolo given that opposite of their union with Barry. In the union, Ross is jealous of Paolo and constantly tricked your into calling himself mean labels. Paolo would constantly purchase Rachel rings, clothing, or sneakers as he was a student in Italy. Rachel enjoys Phoebe give Paolo a massage, nevertheless when Paolo makes a pass at this lady, Rachel breaks up with your. In period two, after Rachel discovers Ross was online dating Julie, heartbroken and drunk, she has a-one evening stand with Paolo, but it doesn’t add up to things further than that.

Ross Geller

In “one With Russ”, Rachel dates a person called Russ, whom on the bewilderment of the girl familyA appearances and functions eerily like Ross. Rachel bizarrelyA will not read theA numerous similaritiesA between Ross and Russ, and even more bizarrely, neither manage either of these. Rachel times Russ as a rebound commitment after splitting up with Ross upon studying of a summary of this lady good and bad points he previously authored up while trying to choose whether to date the lady or Julie, although proven fact that she would date a person who resembles your a great deal – in the event she hasn’t observed the aforementioned resemblances – seems to highly imply that she actually is however interested in your, additionally the different pals in fact suggest this theory to the girl. Sooner, whenever Rachel views the two arguing, she eventually sees the parallels among them and walks out, interrupted. She later on breaks with Russ, whoA subsequently becomes disheartened andA one dayA while chilling out within restaurant tryA spotted by Ross’ ex-girlfriend Julie, who’s furthermore disheartened after Ross broke up with the woman. Julie is actually interested in Russ as soon as she sees him, and when she speaks to him, they begin a relationship. But Julie, like Rachel at first, more than likely hasn’t observed just how much Russ resembles Ross.

Joshua Burgin

Rachel schedules Joshua Burgin for 5 attacks in Season 4.A The two of them meetA for the first time while this woman isA being employed as an individual buyer at Bloomingdale’s. Joshua will come in after their ex-wife burns every one of his garments and then he requires another clothes. (No mention about what he did to deserve this) Rachel grows a crush on Joshua and sends himA many signals, that slip by him entirely.A Rachel gets him two Knicks tickets so they are able continue a date but Joshua believes she actually is giving the seats to him, thus he says he will probably bring his nephew towards the game. After S4 E13 a wallet is available at Bloomingdale’s, that your driver’s license reveals is owned by “Joshua Burgin,” to which Rachel takes on kissy face together with her own license. Rachel next attracts Joshua to a fake party at Monica and Rachel’s apartment aided by the family in which Rachel wears this lady twelfth grade cheerleading clothes, leading Joshua to-fall on her behalf. The two at long last day, but split after Rachel hastily proposes to Joshua after 4 times in “the main one from the wedding gowns”. Rachel phone calls Joshua to apologize to him nevertheless when he arrives at this lady apartment, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are putting on wedding gowns which freaks Joshua out in which he renders once again.

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