Oh La La Azzaro for ladies hot fragrance for women. Oh la-la was released in 1993.

Oh La La Azzaro for ladies hot fragrance for women. Oh la-la was released in 1993.

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Oh la-la by Azzaro was an Amber Spicy scent for women. Oh La La was released in 1993. Oh La La was created by Gerard Anthony and Jacques Cavallier. Best records tend to be Musk Vodka, Peach, fig-leaf, Raspberry, Mandarin Orange, Karo-Korund and Bergamot; center records is Cinnamon, Ylang-Ylang, Narcissus, Osmanthus, Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Yellow flower; base notes is Sandalwood, tonka-bean, emerald, vanilla extract, Patchouli and Vetiver.

Best records: fig musk vodka, mandarin tangerine, raspberry, peach, karo-korund bergamot

Middle records: orange-blossom, cinnamon, osmanthus, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang narcissus

Base Notes: sandalwood, tonka-bean, amber, patchouli, vanilla extract and vetiver.

We have perhaps not discovered unnecessary Azzaro scents. You will find constantly appreciated the work of art that is Azzaro number 9. But while this is nothing like 9 it is a lovely and exotic spicy Oriental perfume. It’s got lots of unusual what allow it to be tropical, exotic, but Asian in the wild. It’s difficult in my situation to describe I’m frequently extremely detailed. It reminds myself of Hong Kong in Asia. It is like a spice store close to the Hong-Kong harbor. Oh la-la opens up with a boozy peculiar alcohol. Its demonstrably vodka but coupled with citrus, fig, raspberry, peach and therefore amazing karo (the karo I remember smelling in Avon far) it ultimately ends up smelling like a tremendously exotic cocktail. It really is tasty. And just what a method to beginning the scent. Exactly like it’s moniker oh la la. Other scent grows into a floral scent of osmanthus narcissus, jasmine and orange-blossom. They truly are nice blossoms and spiced up with some cinnamon. Some need known as this really spicy but on me personally it wasn’t as well spicy. It actually was nice. The raspberry and peach remained stronger. The blooms are not too powerful both and I perform love osmanthus and I was pleased i possibly could smelling it contained in this. Since the fragrance cures down it’s vanilla extract and patchouli amber and sandalwood, all base records Everyone loves and I’m in love with. This really is a really stunning stunning exotic aroma. I will put on this in Dubai in 2 weeks. I am not sure of anybody using this today. Yay. Thank-you Fragrantica.

This is certainly such a striking fragrance. With no knowledge of that we just have a small amount of this scent and therefore I’d wanted to save yourself they for special events anyway, here is the one that my personal people wanted for my situation to reserve for your for special passionate occasions. It drives him crazy. It is an intoxicating, sensual aphrodisiac in a bottle. Thus complex, comfortable and spicy, nice and creamy. Really well mixed.

Thank-you Yohji for the review to Soprani’s Strass. I shall you will need to be sure around. If this bottles run off i shall absolutely get on the search for something with a comparable type sense as OhLaLa.

Basically could baptize this unusual and delightful thing that, during my simple opinion, got a good masterpiece signed by Loris Azzaro, I would personally offer her the name of . OH LA LA!! Gerard Anthony and Jacques Cavallier comprise inspired most likely euphoric if they created this aroma.

There are occasions I ponder so why do overview of some thing nearly extinct . I feel dissapointed about not having or 5 mls of my trademark scent style? Your Music dating feel dissapointed about being concluded? No. You shouldn’t mourn those that knew your. I determine my self through this scent, that has been perhaps not chosen by me personally . I thank you introduced us to him in 1997, or whine . Just like a lost like, that will be into the mind, Oh La La is going to be during my life.

This trophy, which appears to me personally one glass of antique drink, the bottles isn’t just multifaceted. Most confronts can be its perfume, work of art.

Magnetic, sensuous, fascinating and intricate . Halva, overcast, got bestowed with many different herbs . 20 notes for a great oriental fragrance, spicy, nice, sexy and hot. Vodka, peach, raspberry, cinnamon, roses, carnation flower (personally i think), fig-leaf, sandalwood and tonka with a background incensed, lust is within the as a type of perfume.

Nice without getting cloying Warm without getting burnt Full-bodied without having to be hefty hot without being vulgar Addictive! You’re beautiful and ethereal. Each mention is a chord of my unlimited fascination with you!!

If exaggerated, because desire is actually blind me .

OH LA-LA – Loris Azzaro

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