Himeko Inaba ( c??e‘‰ a§«a­? , Inaba Himeko ) is among the major figures of Kokoro Connect series

Himeko Inaba ( c??e‘‰ a§«a­? , Inaba Himeko ) is among the major figures of Kokoro Connect series

Through the basic four amounts, she is the vp of this college student societal community andA a classmate of Taichi Yaegashi and Iori Nagase. She is extremely skilled at gathering and analyzing information, and, thus, knows numerous exclusive facts about the girl other club members. Although she is relaxed and rational, Inaba possess a challenging time managing awkward scenarios and will not fancy things to escape the woman controls.A


Inaba was an extremely pretty female with shoulder-length black colored locks which has had one string dropping at the center and brown vision. Unlike the vast majority of different ladies whoever uniform sweaters include shaded yellowish, the lady consistent jacket was brown. Within her everyday clothing, she actually is frequently described as sporting something adult or basic. Inaba might observed to have close pose with a slim, however extended figure and her vision are called being piercing, however fascinating.


With a short-temper and an attitude for condition, Inaba is very easily by far the most fickle person in the societal Club. She tends to incorporate vulgar language and speaks with masculine expressions so that you can manage a powerful looks. She dislikes her considering name (Himeko) given that it implies “princess kid” in Japanese, helping to make their sound poor like a young child which must be cared for.

Despite this lady crude borders, Inaba is very careful of the girl man pub members; constantly shopping for every person’s best interests, and, though she does not choose to reveal they, Inaba considerably treasures the lady friends and will be happy to lose her very own joy to help keep the cluster along. Whenever dealing with a challenge, Inaba usually chooses to bring an extremely immediate approach to resolve it, rendering it hard on her to handle delicate situations. Inaba can be a naturally distrustful person and headaches consistently towards harmful outcomes of each event.

Behind this lady side of arrogance and self-assurance, Inaba has proven to own low self-respect. This really is mostly associated with her distrustful characteristics and social awkwardness, imperfections that she acknowledges this lady has but cannot accept. Due to this lady cold personality, it would appear that Inaba doesn’t socialize with other people beyond the StuCS. This woman is extremely enigmatic and is actually described by the woman fellow club customers as anyone strange because she doesn’t like to display reasons for having by herself. However, after dating Taichi Yaegashi, she gets a little most available, but this woman is in addition prone to becoming jealous whenever different babes connect to your.

Because she actually is interested in facts investigations and logistics, Inaba plans to are experts in research training and, someday, go to an university to higher realize Heartseed. By this lady next 12 months, Inaba chooses to significant in engineering at a university, and specialize in electronics and information technology.

Key Difficulties

Inaba has great trouble trusting other individuals, and, since they support the power to possibly betray and harm their, including their friends. As opposed to via some sort of stress or youth tragedy, Inaba claims to being born because of this difficulty and contains perhaps not had the spdate opportunity to trust others the woman very existence. Despite hating this part of by herself, Inaba cannot let but think about rest as possible opponents, no matter. [1] This has cause Inaba creating a tremendously poor picture of by herself and it has contributed to this lady former separation before joining the StuCS. Throughout the show, Inaba gradually eliminates the woman protective structure and gradually learns to enjoy and faith their friends unconditionally.

Later, Inaba begins to recognize setting up to their pals enjoys slowly generated her weakened than she used to be and therefore this lady has started overly relying on the effectiveness of others in the place of her very own.

Background History

Talented in pc use, actually knowing how to create computers and employ macro programming,A Inaba initially accompanied the Computer Club, but kept because of a disagreement using dance club’s chairman. This is why, Inaba finished up helping create the beginner Cultural community, becoming its vice president only because of winning a rock-paper-scissors game against Iori Nagase.

Before senior school, Inaba never had any real relationships and states the StuCS happened to be their first proper family. As previously mentioned in a crisis CD incorporated with the Kako Random blu-ray, as a kid, Inaba accustomed explore their expected “friends” within the left behind strengthening the StuCS happened to be remaining in. Throughout that energy, they hidden a period pill that included their own wishes and Inaba authored that she wanted actual family whenever she spent my youth. Upon retrieving the woman want, Inaba chose to rip within the report, too embarrassed to fairly share they with the rest for the StuCS.

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